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about this blog

The TL;DR version of what you can expect to find on this site:

  • My ramblings and musings about automation, scripting and coding
  • Cool things I’ve built, things I’ve “stolen” & modified/enhanced or new things I learned about
  • Things I find online from others about scripting and automation
  • Memes
The full background in all its glory about why I started this site please read my first post here

about me

The personal bit: After being born and raised in The Netherlands, and living in London for a few years, moved to Florida in 2008.

Some "trivia" about me:

  • I enjoy doing government paperwork (they're like complex puzzles and the challenge is to solve those... The rewards? Well...)
  • Almost all things in my home can be voice controlled or through a wall-mounted touch screen
  • Favorite movie: Back to the Future (trilogy)
  • Favorite color: orange
  • Random: you're never too old for Lego

The work bit: My professional life has mostly been Citrix, since I spend the majority of my career there (close to 19 years). Mostly had roles in Sales Engineering or SE related as well as a few Product roles. I decided to leave Citrix in 2019, because I was missing the culture that you can really only find in smaller organizations: short lines of communication, less internal meetings, less rules and making a direct impact on the success of a company. And that eventually led me to ControlUp where I work today.